New Patch 12/13/19 (graphics & fixing slides) (Previously 12/9)

UPDATE: New version was uploaded 12/13 to resolve a bug relating to the new signposts. It should all be working now.  

New patch released today:

Patch update
Huge thank you to the brave men and women of RPG codex who made this possible by telling me about the bugs.

- New sign post graphics.
- Kerkyon now stays dead if you defeat him in wrestling. I failed to change the relevant variable in the old version.
- Boutes will not appear in Epidauros if you kill him in Troezen. The game was previously only checking one of the two relevant variables.
- Ardalos now stays dead. The game was not updating the variable post-combat.
- Mortmal is now dead in the slides if you kidnap him. Guess what was wrong with the old version? The variable wasn't being changed.
- Prokroustes is listed as dead in the slides if you kill him. Variable change missing.
- Bacon gang stays dead.

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Dec 09, 2019

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Oh no, not the bacon gang.


Hah, it is the name used by the person who reported the bug.

A subsequent patch was released 12/13 to deal with an error that was cropping around due to the new sign posts.