Lots of improvements, new graphics, and general progress.

Progress is coming along nicely; I've been listening to new audio samples, implementing new graphics, and overhauling the interface and movement/dialogue system. I still believe a release date this year is possible. Here's some bullet points:

- Dialogue system improved; you no longer have to bump into characters to initiate dialogue. Instead, right-clicking on them will initiate dialogue if you are close enough. I redid the movement system as well, but I still want to revisit it again closer to release.

- Every location in Troezen has new graphics. Dialogues have been rewritten. Slide show graphics updated to be consistent.

- Assets are continuing to be developed for the later game content; most recently I implemented the background for the Asklepion and a whole slew of new portrait pictures for the various characters in Epidauros. Spent last night picking out 19th century sketches of Greece to use in every single slide show/CYOA event.

- simple website created: antiquitystudio.com 

Click on the pics to make them larger:

EDIT: Here's a bonus portrait/character, Mortmal the Baker:

He lives in Epidauros and has a terrible attitude. He tries to convince Theseus to give up on his quest, and instead settle down and learn how to bake bread and make pies. He comes in handy if you decide to make an offering to Zeus Lykaios.

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Good work, looking forward to the update.

Thanks for the support!