New Demo Released - Major Updates

The new demo is finally here! 

For those who haven't played before, the demo showcases Theseus' birthplace, Troezen. The game is an Adventure-RPG hybrid, and you play as the eponymous hero, Theseus. Once you leave Troezen, the demo ends; the full version is approximately three times longer and is due for release next month. 

For those who are familiar with the old demo, this is a MAJOR update. All new artwork for every location in Troezen. A brand new soundtrack. New and improved mechanics, including major overhauls to the movement and dialogue systems. It will definitely be a new and improved experience!


Theseus 255 MB
Dec 22, 2018

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Very interesting, the screenshots look wonderful. I'll try the demo soon.

Thank you for the support, and Happy Holidays! I am flying out today and won't have regular internet access for a bit, but I will try to follow up on any issues. I was up late ironing out bugs and implementing the new music soundtrack, hopefully it all works well!