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I am about a week out from release. To mark the end of the long weekend, I have uploaded a early access version of the game. Content has been cut, it is buggy, and the save/load function does not work. I would recommend waiting another week or so for the final version, but at the same time I wanted to grant access to curious people. 

If you do decide to purchase it ($7.65), you will of course have access to the full, stable release. Additionally, if you message me I will provide you with a steam key. 

Here are the notes for the EA release:

- EA build is missing a lot of audio, the combat is not balanced, and the quest variables have not been properly tested so events may not fire properly.

- There is missing content/characters who I have kept out of this build. Specifically: if you side with Zeus Lykaios, Poseidon, or the Pallantides, you will run into errors or missing content. The variables are not properly organised and the content will not fire/is not fully implemented. You will run into bugs or otherwise be unable to complete the game. 

DO NOT USE THE SAVE/LOAD FUNCTION! It won't work until the variables are all in order; basically it records the state of all the variables, but right now the variables are in flux so I can't finalise the save/load system. 

- If you decide to go forward and purchase the EA version, of course you will have access to the release version later this month. Also, I can send you a Steam key, but you'll need to message me directly with your itch details so that I can generate the key manually and send it to you when the Steam version is released.

- Again, this is a buggy EA build with missing content. I appreciate all input and testing, but please be aware that it is buggy and incomplete. 


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Feb 19, 2019

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